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Established in 1947

Our Story

Frank's Meat Market's roots extend back to 1947 when brother-in-law Frank Javornik Sr. and Edward J. Trontel went into business in Blende, CO. Ed, a World War II veteran, and Frank both previously had worked as meat cutters. They decided to open their market at 2000 Santa Fe Ave. Their wives, Anna Javornik and Elisie Trontel joined them in the endeavor as cashiers.

Selling a variety of beef and pork products, the store expanded gradually and Frank Javornik Jr. and his wife Joan joined he family business. More expansion and diversification came in 1983 when Ernie Merle helped establish F & M Sausage as a separate business at Frank's Market. Part of the families' third generation, brothers Ed and Jim Javornik joined in to help run Frank's Meat Market. Their brother, Frank Javornik III and sister Terri Javornik run F & M sausage which is best known for producing Italian sausage, blood sausage, chorizo, and the Kranjke brand klobase.

Ancestors of the Javorniks and Trontels immigrated from Slovenia to the U.S., bringing many traditional with them. One of them being the delicious smoked sausage Klobase, a pork sausage delicacy. While Frank Javornik II has retired, his wife Joan continues to work at the store. Recently, Sharon Trontel, the daughter of Edward and Elsie Trontel, joined the family business after retiring from District 70 where she taught for 31 years. 

Frank Javornik Sr.


Edward J. Trontel

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